Free Men Rule Themselves

We’re just a brand, but we believe in equipping people for lives of personal and individual power. We’re not alt-right or anti-government any more than we’re pro-state or collectivist. There’s a place for government in society, though we’re not here to debate how or in what portions — that’s for individual communities to decide.

We believe only individuals are capable of thinking, feeling and believing. Groups are merely aggregates of single persons and cannot think for themselves, however much people fall prey to groupthink. What poses as a group decision is merely one decider with various inputs.

To that end, we wish to equip people with tools that help them live more prepared lives for whatever may come. Sometimes we offer things that are a bit more pro-military, but veterans are near and dear to our hearts. Many veterans share our support of noninterventionist foreign military policy — no nation building, no serving in other nations’ wars, no Team America World Police. But even the U.S. Constitution supports a strong military for defensive purposes, and so do we.

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Free Men Rule Themselves