Adjustable Baseball Patch Cap

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Pull it low when the sun shines a bit too bright. The curved bill hugs your forehead like a good ballcap was meant to. What’s with all those flat bills, anyway? What are they, landing pads for tiny aircraft? This ain’t the 3000’s, son! Wear that baseball patch cap like it was meant to be worn!

Go plain or spice it up with that newest unit or tacpatch, American Flag or that bit of string tangled from the washer and doesn’t come out easily, even when you use fingernails you probably ought to cut but they’re good for dissembling your M-16 by getting into the nooks.

  1. Comfortable polyester and cotton with velcro strap
  2. Makes a great gift for that man, boy, woman, girl or other human being in your life who hates sunglasses. Or maybe loves sunglasses AND a baseball cap. Or maybe they’re on the run from someone. Not the govt, of course, but some OTHER agency with facial recognition technology looking for you after you ran the speed-camera light for the fifth time in the ice cream truck. Seriously, just great for blocking sun and keeping the head warm in cold winter weather.


  • Material: 65% polyester 35% cotton
  • Meant for Adults. (Not XXX-adult. Just, you know, too big for little people.)
  • Gender: Men, Women, Unisex, Multigender, Antigender, Genderific.


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