Return to Sender Deployment Journal – Significant Other


Military deployments aren’t easy for young dependents, but Return to Sender’s journal series is the perfect tool to keep you engaged while your significant other is away serving U.S. military operations! RTS offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Introduction to journalling
  • Daily task to count-down days
  • Emotional outlet
  • Log of events as they happen
  • Handwriting / drawing practice
  • A gift you can “build” by writing in every day
  • 200 available entries to cover six-month deployments and secondary training/preparation

Designed around writing “letters,” you can use these journals to emotionally move through and maintain perspective on their parent being gone! At the end of the deployment, your young writer can offer this book as a gift, and sit down with them to go over every day they were gone, reducing the how much deployers may have missed while away!

Return to Sender Deployment Journal is offered for several groups, including — Little( Ages Up to 6), Youth (7-12), Teens and Significant Others. Choose the right edition for you!

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