Starting Yankee Bugle, Again


I first had the idea for Yankee Bugle in 2015 in a mix between my learning about eCommerce coupled with a personal passion for writing books. The concept would straddle my creative propensity to create cool stuff I could sell with creating an informational site that would help vets and would-be vets better navigate understanding the military as a whole.

Sixteen years of military public affairs experience has taught me that many people in or out military don’t know the full breadth of how it works or the vast resources available to better learn and take advantage of the U.S. military. To that end, Yankee Bugle aims to provide an outside perspective. Though built by veterans, we don’t aim to sell young people on military service as a duty or obligation, and yet promote men and women at least taking a thorough, well-informed look service as a career option.

Contributors range from careerists to short-termers across services. While some of us might still serve in some capacity, Yankee Bugle is not directly affiliated with the U.S. government and, as such, have no public policy to abide or line to toe. Any and all opinions potentially expressed on this site are in no way affiliated with any particular military service, DoD, or other government agency.

Ultimately, Yankee Bugle is about providing context and perspective. We don’t believe military service is for everyone. There is great benefit to a voluntary force — Everyone generally wants to be there. Those who don’t are soon gone from the force, which is better for everyone involved. We do love what the service has been for us, in various ways, and while our experiences are in no way perfect, and some of us have been hurt physically and emotionally, there is still pride for the work we performed and the experienced we enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our articles. We hope the information on the site provides you as a vet or would-be vet the informational tools you need to start, enhance or better depart life in service than you would have otherwise.

Christian M.
Yankee Bugle
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